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Extend your memory with this list app for your phone or tablet.

Your will be able to make multiple lists, like shopping lists, things todo lists, what to pack, invitation lists... any list you can think of!

We find it extremely handy to keep all our lists on our mobile or tablet.

So write the name of your first list: My list. Start adding items to the list.

If it is too much trouble to type you can use the voice recognition and tell your mobile what to write.

Another option for not typing much and saving time is to use the memory: the app will remember what you wrote in the past and will show you a list of items that you can select and add to your list. You can edit the memory to keep only the items you need.

If it is a shopping list you can activate the show prices option. So when you cross each item off the list you will be able add the price. What for? This way you can use the total crossed out option that will show you how much you have spent so far.

You can cross off an item on the list by just touching it. There is also a function to delete all crossed off items on the list in one go.

If you long press on an item on the list you can give it a priority (high, normal or low) as it is sometimes useful to stress some things on one's list, or maybe you can buy that item next time.

The app comes with a settings screen that enables you to stop the screen rotating when viewing a list (useful when shopping!), you can turn on list numbering, voice recognition, customize text size, turn the store items in memory on or off and edit items in memory (and empty it of course).

You can import / export your lists as .txt files, you can also use this app to open any .txt files on your device and import them.

Includes backup feature to internal memory of your device.

This app is compatible with 7 and 10 inch tablets.

n Lists+ features:

  • make diferent lists
  • add articles to your list
  • paste text into list (each line becomes an item)
  • memory for frequently used articles
  • article priority (high, normal, low)
  • touch to cross out article
  • turn prices on / off
  • add up crossed off prices total
  • delete all crossed off articles from list
  • share lists (as .txt attach o plain text)
  • reorder the list
  • reorder you list of lists
  • import / export .txt files
  • search inside lists
  • settings:
    • turn memory on / off
    • delete articles from the memory or empy it
    • freeze list screen rotation on / off
    • change text size
    • turn numbering articles in list on / off
    • voice input on / off
    • select backup and export .txt folder
    • manage .txt file encoding
  • backups
  • help

You can download n Lists + (Select Menu > Settings > Trial Version to upgrade from the free version to the plus version with a Pay Pal micropayment)

n Lists+ v1.6 current version

  • Added import lists from n Lists free version
  • Added autocomplete from memory when adding new items to a list

n Lists+ v1.5

  • Optimized the license connections
  • Improved large tablet look

n Lists+ v1.1

  • Added option to paste a text and create a list and to paste text into list (each line becomes an item)

n Lists + v1.0

Application name: n Lists +

Operating system: as from Android 2.1 (Android 2.2, Android 2.3 GingerBread, Android 3.0 HoneyComb, Android 4.0 Ice Cream, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean) and superior.

Languages: English, Spanish and French.

Application type: Application

Category: Productivity

Optional: We recommend a MicroSD memory card installed on the device so you can store backup copies of the content you add to n Lists +. It can be an internal sd card that many devices have when they don't have the option of an external memory card. Necessary for importing and exporting .txt files

Screen sizes: all supported

Necessary security permissions: access to the MicroSD memory card for the backup features and access to the Internet in case you decide to upgrade to the full version through PayPal.

Why does this app need a permission named "Phone calls"?

To have the plus version you will have to upgrade from the free version using PayPal. To connect to PayPal the app needs the use of the internet connection, so it needs to read the device state (connected to the interntet or not connected). The Android permissions show this as "Phone calls: read phone status and ID" which sounds a lot more alarming than it really is, as the application does not attempt to access your phone calls at all.

I have downloaded the app and when I try to install it I get an "Install blocked" warning, what can I do?

Some Android devices are blocked to apps not downloaded from Google Play. You can enable this option by choosing "Settings" from the warning window and checking "Unknown sources".

If you don't want to enable this on your device, you can buy this app from Google Play following this link: n Lists + on Google Play

NEW! You can now paste text to create a list or to add items into a list (each line becomes an item).

Apps for Android™ devices, smartphones and tablets.

Download n Lists Free app to your Android device.

if you like the it you can upgrade to n Lists + within the app with an in-app micropayment through Pay Pal.

If your are using a PC you can download the .apk file and copy and paste it on to your Android device.

You can also download n Lists through Google Play for free: n Lists Free at Google Play

We give you this free Android app so you can write lists on your Android smartphone or on your Android tablet.

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