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Dedications free app. Create personalized dedications and share with friends.

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Dedications for Samsung Galaxy Note

App to create personalized dedications. Created by you or signed by your friends.

Photos of a special ocasion are just that, special.

Get them dedicated by your friends and you will have a special unique treasure. Take a photo with the camera, open an existing photo or a blank canvas and get it dedicated.

Congratulate, invite or just surprise by inventing dedications. You can save them and send them.

Dedicate or ask for a dedication. Get creative and decorate your life.

Only works on Galaxy Note as it uses SPen functions.

Includes adverts.

Dedications v1.5 current version

Application name: Dedications (free version with ads)

Operating system: Android from 2.3.3 and higher.

Languages: English, Spanish.

Application type: Application

Category: Entertainment

Screen sizes: Samsung Galaxy Note

Necessary security permissions:

  • Allows application to take pictures and videos with the camera.
  • Allows application to write to the SD card.

App for Samsung Galaxy Note I Android™ device.

Dedications is a free Android app.

Download Dedications to you device Samsung Galaxy Note through:

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QR code for to open the Dedications free app for Galaxy Note

Dedications free app for Samsung Galaxy Note I

If you are using an Android device you can scan this QR code to open the "Dedications" free app.